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Welcome To The Colorado Free Bible College!

Have you ever sat in a Church Service or a Sunday School class and wondered how the teacher came to his/her conclusions?

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to teach, but I don’t seem to have the background?”

Are you in a financial squeeze, so that you may have spare time for learning but not the money to attend a college?

We have a possible solution for you.


How to download free books from our website

Our web address is ''

Or: just type"The Colorado Free Bible College" into your web browser.

Go to the Home page.

On the left-hand column, you'll see Menu.

Go down the list to Publications.

Clicking on publications will give you a four-page list of Books.

Find and click on Hermeneutics. This brings up a page with the front cover of the published book along with a description of the book.

Under the cover you'll find a file name:


 HERMENEUTICS - An Antidote For 21st Century Cult Phenomena110b.pdf

Click on the file name. The download will begin. Save the file.

Ditto for any other books.