Welcome To The Colorado Free Bible College !


Have you ever sat in a Church Service or a Sunday School class and wondered how the teacher came to his/her conclusions?


Have you ever thought, “I’d like to teach, but I don’t seem to have the background?”


Are you in a financial squeeze, so that you may have spare time for learning but not the money to attend a college?

We have a possible solution for you.


The Colorado Free Bible College has programs for you that require no monetary outlay for tuition or basic textbooks. Our classes are adaptable depending on student needs. That is, the subjects are taught with each student’s background and strengths taken into account. We offer classes taken for completion credit or for audit.

There is one prerequisite for classes.

  • Everyone who takes classes at our school must take our one-semester course in Hermeneutics (History, Principles, and Practice of Biblical Interpretation), either prior to taking, or in conjunction with, other courses.

  • We offer Original Language programs in Greek and Hebrew.

  • For those who are interested in teaching or preaching we offer a program in Homiletics (principles and practice of preaching/teaching).

  • For those having knowledge of Greek, we offer a course in New Testament Textual Criticism. (What are the better original language texts of the New Testament?)

  • We have a two year survey program for English Bible.

  • We also offer a program in Creation Science.

  • And, as an adjunct to the rest of our Biblical courses, we promote the development of an inductive production of a Systematic Theology by the student.

  • Finally, we offer a 3 semester course in apologetics for a 'reasoned faith' of the Hope that is in us.


Textbooks for these courses are provided free of charge, having been written by our staff.


  • We offer classes at our facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.

  • For students living outside commuting distance, we offer face-to-face internet classes, either privately or as a group.