Welcome To The Colorado Free Bible College!

We are deeply sorry to inform that Reverend Norman (Swede) Edward Carlson went home to be with his Lord August 2, 2018.  Please read a memorial written by his children.

Accordingly, The Colorado Free Bible College is closed.

You may still continue to download all of his works in PDF format at this website.


How to download free books from our website

Our web address is 'thecfbc.com'

Or: just type"The Colorado Free Bible College" into your web browser.

Go to the Home page.

On the left-hand column, you'll see Menu.

Go down the list to Publications.

Clicking on publications will give you a four-page list of Books.

Find and click on Hermeneutics. This brings up a page with the front cover of the published book along with a description of the book.

Under the cover you'll find a file name:


 HERMENEUTICS - An Antidote For 21st Century Cult Phenomena110b.pdf

Click on the file name. The download will begin. Save the file.

Ditto for any other books.