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Our Purpose

To provide quality education to men and women in order that they are able to perform tasks essential for the building up of the Body of Christ in Local and Churches at large. Eph 4:11-16. 1 Tim 4:01-16.

Our History: About 40 years ago (in 1973) the first class met for a year to study Hermeneutics and Greek. The number of courses taught, have been expanded to the total courses shown below. Each group of Biblical Studies are designed as an on-line or in-house teacher aided, Bible College or Seminary level program. Those wishing to complete a program as an adjunct for previous or advanced studies, and/or for personal growth, will receive the required textbook(s) directly from Colorado Free Bible College via PDF formated downloads. There are no tuition costs or registration fees. These courses were initially developed to train ‘believers’ for the work of the Ministry. We hope and pray that the God of all Wisdom, our Great God and imminently coming Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ, will be glorified by your Holy-Spirit Taught Biblical Truths Learned and applied from these studies.


The Courses Presently Offered:

  • The Colorado Free Bible College

    Classes Now Offered

  • Hermeneutics 201 - The History, Principles and Practice of Biblical Interpretation. 3 Credit Hours. (Required for all students)
  • Biblical Greek 201-204 - For Students Of The New Testament (NT) and Septuagint (LXX). 20 credit hours (5 each term).
  • Biblical Hebrew 301-302 - For Students of the Old Testament (OT) Hebrew Scriptures. 10 credit hours (5 each term).
  • Homiletics 401-402 - For Students Interested In Preaching and Teaching Biblical Truth. 10 credit hours (5 each term).
  • Systematic Theology 477-478 - For Those Students In One Of Our Language and Homiletics Programs. 6 credit hours (3 each term).
  • NT Textual Criticism 401 - For Those Students Who Require Training In Which Are The Better Greek Texts. 3 Credit hours.
  • OT Textual Criticism 421 – For Those Students Who Require Training In Which Are The Better OT (Hebrew, Aramaic-Syriac, Greek) Texts. 3 Credit hours.
  • Creation Science 301 - For Those Who Desire Information About The Special Creation vs. The Evolutionary Hypothesis. 3 credit hours.
  • OT Bible Survey 301-302 - For all students of the Bible. 10 credit hours (5 each term).
  • NT Bible Survey 303-304 - For all students of the Bible. 10 credit hours (5 each term).
  • Apologetics 301-303 - For a ‘reasoned faith’ of the Hope that is in us. 9 credit hours (3 each term).
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    Colorado Springs, CO 80910


    We offer Free Tuition, Books, and SW.

    Our classes meet locally at the address, above,
     or Online via Cisco Webex


The textbooks are Free and are available for free download in PDF. The Systematic Theology Workbook is only available on DVD or Email for registered students in our language programs.