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 As an aerospace systems engineer, it was essential to learn quite a bit (not a pun) about a lot of things so that the particulars could be put together in a complimentary fashion. As true for any aerospace system so also it is true for the most important study of the infallible revelation by the Creator God of the universe. It is not enough to get your theology from a translation (although most of us do) we must also learn a bit about the original language. This, however, is not enough until we learn how to interpret the information. But this is not enough, because we now need to know how to prepare and deliver God’s Message to men. Finally, we need to learn how to Systematize and defend this information. To this end my books were written.

This book is one of a series of Bible study helps designed to provide a systematic set of literature for any serious student. The basic (no computer language pun intended) concept of this system involves the word Exegesis. That word means the Elucidation of the Truth (to read out the Truth). It is defined as:
Exegesis: is the Correct Application of sound Hermeneutical Principles to the Original text of Scripture in order to Declare its intended meaning.

This definition opens the door of systematic Bible study to subjects that include but is not limited to: Hermeneutics; Biblical Introduction; Study of the original Languages of the Scripture which include Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic along with Textual Criticism of such texts; Homiletics; Systematic Theology; and Christian Apologetics. This has been Carlson’s writing/teaching aim for the past 45+ years.

Rev. Norman Carlson
ISBN-13: 978-1497597037 – ISBN-10: 149759703x
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