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Muslim Evangelism

Because of the present world situation, the direct command of our LORD Jesus in Mat 28:19-20, and the resultant rise in the Jihadist Terrorism, it is required for every Christian to share the Gospel of The Grace Of Christ Jesus our LORD with as many individuals as possible. The Evangelization of Islam, therefore, was written to bring an evangelistic/discipling challenge to English speaking Christians. Because of the difficulty of relating the Gospel to Muslims, it is believed that a thorough exposure to the various elements of Islam, contrasted with the Biblical Theology of Christianity, is required. An adequate and comprehensive look at the subject Islam would require a lifetime of study and analysis. To help with this arduous tesk, this book provides the research and analysis of many men and women. These folks have supplemented my library with many books, web downloads, and magazine articles. In a textbook , written for our Bible College classes , a short article appears that covers very generally the religion of Islam. Recently, a portion (including Islam) was taught to an adult Sunday School class. That book set the stage for this book. 
This book is not a war on Muslims, we love Muslims, but only an attempt to persuade Christians that Islam is a rich evangelistic field. 
Thanks goes to Wikipedia, and several Islamic Web Sites for sharing their materials. (Knowingly or unknowingly) 
Thanks also to the many authors, too numerous to mention, that have contributed to my understanding of the Islamic Problem.  Examples of Common Ground with Islam, (e.g., The virgin birth, The books of Davidic Psalms, The Creation Story, Islamic Eschatology, The accuracy (or inaccuracies) of the Qur’an with possible Christian responses are presented.  

Rev. Norman Carlson
ISBN-13: 978-1495251351 - ISBN-10: 1495251357
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