A SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, Vol II Angelology And Anthropology

This Volume provides much information not found in other (older) Systematic Theologies, about Angels, especially the evil ones. It provides Biblical and certain Apocryphal books, and with archaeological  information, on the Giants of the Bible, The offspring of the mating of Evil Angels (sons of God) with the daughters of men, are called Nephilim, whose death produced the demons, the disembodied Spirits that have infected the World system since the pre-flood era. 

The section on Anthropology is standard. It does, however, declare and defend the doctrine of the two aspects of Sin. The Adamic nature (SIN) and the resultant acts produced by this nature (Sins), for which (the Sins) Christ died. These subjects are expanded in Hamartiology and Soteriology.

Rev. Norman E. Carlson
SBN-13: 978-1545373606 ISBN-10: 1545373604
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