The subject of the Worship of God has been on my heart for years. From my first experience with real Christianity in 1964 in Alaska to my present sedentary (‘Disabled’ condition, the worship subject has come up over and over in my mind. Worship:

1. Who does it?

2. Who should do it?

3 How should it be done?

4. When (How often) should it be done?

5. Where should it be done?

6. Why should it be done?

7. What constitutes proper Worship?

It’s our hope that this volume will answer most if not all of these nagging questions.

The closest thing I ever got to true Worship in a Christian gathering was when I fellowshipped at the Southside Bible Chapel, The Northeast Bible Chapel, in Colorado Springs, CO, The Countryside Bible Chapel, Lexington, MA, and a small Bible Chapel in Portland, Oregon. These were all fellowshipping as “Plymouth Brethren”. They had some problems with their Oligarchy of Elders, some of whom seemed dumb as dirt while many more were spiritual giants! I remember a dear old Elder at the Portland Chapel, John Gill, a relative I think of the Bible Expositor John Gill of English fame. Mr. Gill used his copies of the original language in his preaching and teaching. Truly, a giant among the many Elders I’ve known.

But the Worship services at most Brethren Assemblies are to be entered in with praise to God giving us the abilities to respond to the theme of the day, joining in with Psalms, Hymns, . . and interpretations of Scripture. No long sermons, but short pithy comments from those exercised in each assembly I attended.

Rev. Norman E. Carlson
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