This section is patterned after Chafer (Vol VII).  It is recommended that topical words like FAITH, REDEMPTION, PROPITIATION, etc., be elaborated from the student's study like the example below.  These topical words (English) are often the translation of more than one Greek or Hebrew word (or one Greek or Hebrew word may be translated by more than one English word(s)).  It might be reasonable to structure each topic like the word studies found in Trench[1] or Vine[2].  A more ambitious set of word study tools (although not theologically conservative is found in Kittel[3].  Similar works are found in the Hebrew Old Testament. e.g. Girdlestone[4], Botterweck[5].


An example of such a summary is the word DISPENSATION, given by Radmacher[6], below.  Also included is the 9th Chapter of Ryrie's fine book, Dispensationalism Today.  This 9th Chapter contains a succinct description of “Covenant Theology”.  This summary is an example of implied theology of covenants, as opposed to the Biblical covenants. A Smaller summary of Doctrinal words may be found in Chafer Vol. VII.


Included in Appendices are Appendix A “A Glossary of Creation Science” and Appendix B “A Bibliography of Creation Science”.


[1]     Trench, Richard Chenevix, D.D., SYNONYMS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING COMPANY, Grand Rapids, MI, 1966. E:Ex.  Trench makes clear the distinction and similarities between Greek word groups.  An excellent source of material and pattern for new testament word studies.

[2]     Vine, W. E., M.A., AN EXPOSITORY DICTIONARY OF NEW TESTAMENT WORDS, THE OLD-TIME GOSPEL HOUR, Lynchburg, VA, _____. E:EX. "Mr. Vine's Greek scholarship was wide, accurate and up-to-date, and withal unobtrusive.  Casual readers will hardly realize the wealth of ripe learning, the years of hard work, of which they may reap the fruit in this work. ....". F. F. Bruce Sept. 1952.

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[4]     Girdlestone, Rev. Robert Baker, M.A., SYNONYMS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING COMPANY, Grand Rapids, MI, Second edition 1897. E:Ex. Old Testament word studies by English theologically significant words.  Articles such as, "Peculiarities of the Hebrew O.T., Use of the LXX in Translating the N.T., How Translators Deal with the Name Jehovah", are presented in addition to the word studies.

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