A SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY - Vol. IV, Ecclesiology And Eschatology

A SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY - Vol. IV, Ecclesiology And Eschatology, 2017 Create Space/AMAZON Publishers, ISBN-13:978-1974559695, ISBN-10:1974559696, N. Carlson. 355 pages


This volume is intended to derive from Biblical and many other relevant sources the Major and many Minor facts about the Church of our LORD Jesus, The Messiah, and the Dispensational doctrines of the Prophetic Word of God. Shown also are a majority of fulfilled prophecies. These are shown to augment one’s faith in the reliability of the prophetic word of God. As an adjunct to our study Appendix E has been reproduced from Vol I Appendix B, to enable quicker reference.

These teachings are termed Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church) and Eschatology (Doctrine of Biblical Prophecy), Resp.

Many books have been written on these two doctrines, some excellent, some good, some fair,  , , . Our Bibliography in Vol 8 is our reference list for major Biblical subjects.

Rev. Norman Carlson
ISBN-13:978-1974559695, ISBN-10:1974559696
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