About the Founder

Norm (Swede) Carlson


The author was formerly founder and president of Aerospace Associates Inc.(AAI) of Colorado Springs CO. In the Defense Industry, he has held many positions, notably, he has been employed as a Radar Systems Engineer, a Senior Software Engineer, and a Radar Site Analyst. In this industry through AAI, he has been an industry consultant for 20 years. As founder and president of AAI, Mr. Carlson has done research in agriculture, aquaculture, railroad safety and monitoring. He helped design and install some of our largest Missile warning radar systems, BMEWS and PAVE PAWS. He developed Requirements Analysis Specifications including mathematical specifications for several space projects (DSP and MCCC) He has taught courses and tutored students in the areas of algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, vector analysis, theory of equations, and Radar systems. He is presently retired from scientific endeavors. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel, and was also a full time missionary pastor/teacher, helping to start 4 local churches; three in the Colorado Springs Area and one in Alaska. He has taught Greek, Hebrew, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Systematic Theology, and New Testament Textual Criticism in home, Church school, Bible College, and Seminary programs. As a pastor he has addressed several bible conferences including the western regional conference for the American Missionary Fellowship. As a professional musician, he played in various concert bands and orchestras. In the area of entertainment he played in small combos for dances around the Seattle area and also in Alaska. After his conversion to Christianity in 1964, he appeared as a soloist at the greater Fairbanks Crusade for Christ, the Evangelical Booksellers National Convention in Colorado Springs, the Navigators International Spring Fling at Estes Park Colorado, many performances at churches as a representative of the Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, many appearances at churches in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado. He also made three LP recordings, 7 Songs from these are available on this website. Swede has been a professional ski instructor from 1987 until 1999. He started skiing in 1945. He also was a personal friend of Apollo 15 astronaht, Jim Irwin, and taught a Bible study class at his home.

His list of Aerospace and other scientific publications include more than 250 documents (some of book or larger sizes) generated for many employers in the defense industry. One of these written in 1962 is a book on orbital mechanics as applied to satellites and ballistic missiles, from RADAR observations. Another was a "Mathematical Specification For The Tracking Analysis Statistics Program" (TRASP) And the Addendum, for use with the TRASP Orbital Element Set Scenario Generator" 01 June 1999, for the Defense Satellite Program (DSP). This math Spec. was later used in the generation of a RADAR calibration program for the 16 DSP sites worldwide.

In the area of Biblical Studies, he has written or edited, and published 31 books that are used as textbooks at The CFBC.