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Hello, My name is Norman E. “Swede” Carlson – President of the Colorado Free Bible College. We have been teaching the Original Languages of the Bible (Hebrew and Greek since 1973.
Our work, along with teaching an array of Bible subjects, is to provide free materials to our students. At this point in time (2015) most of our textbooks will be downloadable FOR FREE! Courses may be taken for credit (For Free) by simply registering on this website. We offer two degree programs:

1. An ASSOCIATE BACHELOR OF BIBLICAL ARTS, a three year program.

All our books are in PDF and/or EPUB format.

Please note the copyright notice on the left side. All works on this website are covered by the Creative Commons license cited in the notice.

Happy Reading!


 A Hebrew Grammar by an Aerospace Scientist; are we kidding? No, deadly serious. This Grammar covers things as the Hebrew Case structures, the Hebrew Verb Systems, The Waw Consecutive vs. the Waw Conjunctive, the Nominal and Adjectival Appositives, Hebrew Numerals, Hebrew Conditional Clauses, An English Glossary of terms for Bible Study, Cantillation signs and their meanings, and a Hebrew English Dictionary for Hebrew words used ≥ 25 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, etc..


 As an aerospace systems engineer, it was essential to learn quite a bit (not a pun) about a lot of things so that the particulars could be put together in a complimentary fashion. As true for any aerospace system so also it is true for the most important study of the infallible revelation by the Creator God of the universe. It is not enough to get your theology from a translation (although most of us do) we must also learn a bit about the original language. This, however, is not enough until we learn how to interpret the information. But this is not enough, because we now need to know how to prepare and deliver God’s Message to men. Finally, we need to learn how to Systematize and defend this information. To this end my books were written.


This book is written in order to take advantage of information received during the last century about three items and their relation to the “New Age” movement. 1. A very large number of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been sighted in most of the worlds’ countries. Some are reported to have crashed. Alien Life forms have been said to be found aboard, most dead but a few alive. Encounters with these alien life forms have been said to have occurred in several countries. Kidnappings by alien beings have also said to have occurred, with surgical procedures performed and implants, emplaced on some of these ‘victims.’ 2.

Considerations Of New Testament Textual Criticism

~~My thanks go to many previous students; in particular Dr. Paul Losiewicz (circa 1974), who encouraged me to include textual criticism as part of our course of study; Mark Morris and Bob Keith, more recent students, who encouraged me through our course of study while I was preparing five previous textbooks and the first few pages of this synopsis; the Systems Research Group who scanned and prepared for inclusion, the page containing Ephesians 1:1-11 from ℘46, the Chester Beatty Papyri.  In the days when this original manuscript was written, personal scanners were not economically feasible.  Thanks goes to the staff of the Online Bible for providing a valuable tool for the three texts used in Figures 2-3.  My thanks also go to Dr.

CREATION SCIENCE - A Cure For Infidelity

The Front Cover is a picture that is self-explained in Figure 19, “The Limestone Cowboy”. It reveals a dead cowboy whose feet have been petrified. The boots were made by the M. L. Leddy boot company of San Angelo, TX. Gayland Leddy, Nephew of the founder, recognized the boots by sight and by the “stich patent’ containing the number ‘10’, used by his uncle’s company. Mr. Leddy believed the boots were made in the early 1930’s. So how long does the petrification process take?


The major contents of this manual have been taken from classroom lectures given by Dr. Milton Jones at the Western Conservative Baptist Seminary (1969-1971) and additions made by the author as seemed appropriate to enhance understanding of this package. It is hoped that there has been nothing added that will significantly change the value of Dr. Jones' course to train men for the work of the pulpit/teaching ministry. It is assumed that this manual will help motivated students to learn this discipline.

HERMENEUTICS - An Antidote For 21st Century Cultic And Mind Control Phenomena

Hermeneutics is required to provide adequate controls for interpretation. To find God's point is the important thing. Our ideas may be nice, but God's Word is quick and powerful - Heb 4:12. We may have a high view of inspiration; we may believe strongly in verbal and plenary inspiration; that the Scripture is inerrant and infallible; and these are necessary (see Appendix A); but, if our concepts of hermeneutics are faulty, we have just negated our high concepts, above, and by faulty interpretation, turned God's Word into something that is not God's Word.

Muslim Evangelism

Because of the present world situation, the direct command of our LORD Jesus in Mat 28:19-20, and the resultant rise in the Jihadist Terrorism, it is required for every Christian to share the Gospel of The Grace Of Christ Jesus our LORD with as many individuals as possible. The Evangelization of Islam, therefore, was written to bring an evangelistic/discipling challenge to English speaking Christians. Because of the difficulty of relating the Gospel to Muslims, it is believed that a thorough exposure to the various elements of Islam, contrasted with the Biblical Theology of Christianity, is required. An adequate and comprehensive look at the subject Islam would require a lifetime of study and analysis.

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible

This Book by Emanuel Tov (The Good God (with us)), Must be augmented with various appendices prior to starting O.T. Textual Criticism  Furthermore, to eliminate copyright laws, we cannot offer this as a download from our website. We will respond to perspective students of OT Textual Criticism - 421, telling them how they may obtain a copy. NEC

THE BIBLE CODES - The Accuracy Of The Bible Proven

This book explores the issue of Bible Accuracy, internally and externally. It is an attempt to include items not usually found in Apologetic Discourses. It covers such topics as Equidistant Letter Spacing (ELS), Fourier Analysis and Holograms, The Bible Witness in the Stars, Fulfilled Bible Prophecies and their relation to Probability Theory, and much more. Although the book has been written with the ‘unsophisticated’ reader in mind, it should also provide information for those more well-schooled individuals. We’re publishing this book for the Glory of God, in hopes that those so agnostically and atheistically inclined may find answers to the eternal questions they may have unbelievingly framed.